Friday, February 28, 2014

Imagine this.

This is not an update. Today I can't even claim to be speaking as Jollytheoldsaint Thaddeus Oldsaint; Undandy Delusion Of Jössenseiter The Impact; The Last Remaining Human; Owl Mutate. Because that Jollytheoldsaint wouldn't care about this. But I would.

Today Marvelous Online's online department is going offline. And its taking with it the US version of Shin Megami Tensei: IMAGINE (Interactive Muppet Ass Grabbing Into Neo Existentialism). Sad news, but in truth only a handful of people are going to care. It is, after all, a game centered on recycled Nocturne graphics and three dungeons. All of which cost more to run than not to. But for a time, I confess, I was into it. I was really into it. Not for the gameplay, which was fun. Not for the story, which was brilliant (if screaming unfinished). Not for the lovely cast of npcs, whose dialogue would get stranger and stranger as time went on. Not for the forum events which made the game actually feasibly free to play. Or the grind of leveling, grindy to a point where I'd feel superior to the level 6,795 wow players who got every mount in the game. Because those assholes would never be able to hit 90 in megaten. No, I wasn't into IMAGINE for any of those reasons. And certainly not for the friends I made for life playing it. No, I was really into it because it was the owlnly game which would allowl me to type this owl emote: ⓄvⓄ. Like as not, there will never again be such a game. And for that I feel the need to honor it. In the same way megaten would, by sharing something I did years ago:

Its been swell.
-555JOS, level 90 demolition dasher.


  1. Aw man, I stopped playing since the story wasn't complete... I sat around waiting for it to finish, and not liking the extreme grindfest NOT doing the story was, I stopped playing...

    This is sad... mostly because I'm losing my Seven Sisters uniform and really rare Alice demon I got for free with some lucky gift from Aeria, back in the day...

  2. I'm pretty late here, but thanks for posting the first comment on the site. Even if it's not much to do with the main thing I do here.

    It does cut deep, knowing that it's all gone. All the little trophies and triumphs. To say nothing of cash down the drain. But that's life, everything comes and goes as it will. I'm just glad that through the game I met some swell folks I'd never have known otherwise.